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Great Boxers Who Used Grant Boxing Gloves Like Mike Tyson

Grant Boxing Gloves used by Great Boxers

If there’s one piece of gear that can make or break a boxer’s game, it’s the gloves, especially Grant Boxing Gloves. I am not saying that boxing gloves can make a normal man a professional boxer! A man who never stepped in the boxing ring can never be a champion champion but an average boxing player can defeat even Mike Tyson if his gloves and technique are good! But, if you are thinking about which Gloves are worn by legendary boxers? Then, this article is for you!
Plus, this article will help you know the answer to which boxers wore Grant Boxing Gloves.
These Gloves have emerged as the choice of champions. But what’s the hype all about, and why are some of the greatest fighters, including the legendary Mike Tyson, opting for these gloves? 

Let’s explore the fascinating world of Grant Boxing Gloves and the boxers who swear by them.

The Rise of Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant Boxing Gloves are crafted with precision and a commitment to excellence, these gloves have become synonymous with quality in the boxing world. The attention to detail in their construction, coupled with top-notch materials, sets them apart from the competition.

Grant Boxing Gloves – Where to Buy Genuine Leather Gloves

Grant Boxing Gloves is a professional company that has been making boxing gloves for professionals for many years. Without a doubt, these gloves are the best on the market. They have all a professional fighter could require. Superb padding, synthetic lining, wrist fastening, genuine leather, and a host of other features.

The primary downside, though, is the high cost! However, Grant Boxing gloves are really the show-stopper and well worth the premium cost.

They conform well to the hand, deliver good support, as well as they simply feel amazing to have around the hands. Moreover, they look quite good; the craftsmanship and quality are top-notch. Boxers who wear these gloves are Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir, Andre Berto, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Tim Bradley, and Bernard Hopkins.

Grant Boxing Gloves used by great boxers


  • Well-constructed
  • Compact
  • Good fit and feel
  • Hold their value
  • High quality


  • Not worth the price
  • Other gloves are superior

The Making of Grant Gloves

Picture this: skilled artisans pouring their expertise into every stitch, ensuring a glove that feels like a second skin. Grant gloves are not mass-produced; they are handcrafted with a level of dedication that befits the champions who wear them. It’s this commitment to perfection that has elevated Grant to the pinnacle of boxing gear.

Mike Tyson’s Affair with Grant Boxing Gloves

Mike Tyson Image wearing Grant Boxing Gloves
Mike Tyson: The legendary boxer who won fights wearing grant boxing gloves

When we think of Mike Tyson has envisioned a force of nature inside the ring. Iron Mike’s ferocity was unmatched, and so was his choice of gloves. Tyson is notorious for his devastating knockouts and chose Grant’s Boxing Gloves to be his weapons of choice.

Why Tyson Opted for Grant Gloves

Tyson, known for his lightning-fast combinations and bone-crushing power, needed gloves that could keep up. Grant Boxing Gloves, with their snug fit and responsive design, offered the precision he demanded. The gloves became an extension of his fists, allowing him to unleash his full potential in the ring.

Tyson’s Testimony: In His Own Words

In interviews and memoirs, Tyson himself has spoken glowingly about Grant’s Boxing Gloves. He attributes a part of his success to the confidence these gloves instilled in him. It’s not just about protection; it’s about the mental game, and Grant Gloves became Tyson’s psychological edge.

Other Champions in the Grant Corner

While Mike Tyson may be the face of Grant Boxing Gloves, he’s not alone in his admiration for these gloves. Several other elite boxers have chosen Grant as their go-to brand, creating a league of extraordinary fighters who swear by the Grant magic.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd wearing Grant Boxing Gloves
Floyd Mayweather wearing Grant boxing gloves roaming in the ring

In defensive mastery and unmatched technical prowess, Floyd Mayweather Jr. stands tall. The undefeated champion has consistently chosen Grant Boxing Gloves throughout his illustrious career. For Mayweather, it’s about the perfect balance of protection and speed, a balance that Grant Gloves provides.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Choice:

  • Tailored Fit: Grant Gloves offer a customized fit, ensuring Mayweather experiences optimal comfort and hand protection.
  • Speed and Precision: The gloves provide the right balance between speed and precision, essential for Mayweather’s defensive and counter-punching style.
  • Durability: Mayweather, known for his longevity, values the durability of Grant Gloves, ensuring they withstand the rigors of his training and fights.
  • Customization Options: Grant’s extensive customization options allow Mayweather to personalize his gloves, reflecting his unique style and personality.
  • Brand Trust: Mayweather, a shrewd businessman, aligns himself with brands that represent excellence, and Grant’s reputation for quality and performance aligns with his standards.

Canelo Alvarez:

Canelo Alvarez, with his explosive style and power punches, relies on Grant Boxing Gloves to deliver the performance he needs. The gloves offer the right blend of support and flexibility, allowing Alvarez to adapt seamlessly to his opponents’ strategies.

Canelo Fighting Wearing Grant Boxing Gloves
Both Fighters are wearing Grant boxing gloves and Canelo is giving a punch to his rival

Canelo Alvarez’s Preference:

  • Adaptability: Grant Gloves offer the adaptability Alvarez needs to execute his explosive combinations and adjust to diverse opponents.
  • Protection Without Sacrificing Speed: Alvarez values the gloves for providing solid hand and wrist protection without compromising his renowned speed and agility.
  • Craftsmanship: Grant’s meticulous craftsmanship aligns with Alvarez’s commitment to excellence, ensuring his gear meets the highest standards in the boxing world.
  • Flexibility: The gloves’ design allows Alvarez the flexibility to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive maneuvers, a crucial aspect of his fighting style.
  • Confidence Boost: Alvarez, a fighter known for his confidence, attributes part of his mental edge to the assurance provided by Grant Gloves, giving him the belief to conquer any opponent.

Why Both Loved Grant Boxing Gloves?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez, two of boxing’s finest, chose Grant Boxing Gloves because of their accuracy, durability, and versatility. These gloves became an extension of their talents, giving protection without compromising the critical qualities of speed and flexibility, thanks to personalized fit, speed, and customization choices. Grant’s workmanship and brand trust allowed Mayweather and Alvarez the confidence to dominate the ring, cementing Grant’s standing as the champion’s choice.

The Allure of Grant Boxing Gloves

So, what makes Grant Boxing Gloves the darlings of champions? It’s a combination of factors that goes beyond aesthetics.


Grant offers a level of customization that is unparalleled. From the type of leather used to the color of the stitching, fighters can tailor their gloves to their liking. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a statement of individuality.

Performance and Protection

Grant Gloves strikes the perfect balance between performance and protection. The design allows for swift movement while ensuring that the hands and wrists are shielded from the impact of powerful blows. It’s a delicate dance that Grant has mastered.

Joining the League of Grant Devotees

In the grand arena of boxing, where every advantage counts, Grant Boxing Gloves have carved a niche. From the devastating power of Mike Tyson to the technical brilliance of Floyd Mayweather Jr., these gloves have proven their mettle.

In the end, it’s not just about the gloves; it’s about the journey they take you on, the confidence they instill, and the victories they witness. So, lace up your Grants, step into the ring, and experience the magic that has made these gloves the stuff of legends.

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